The unconventional entrepreneur is a term I developed a while ago, it’s all about not following the suggested or usual paths to success or entrepreneurship.

My entrepreneur journey started when I heard an advert pushing for people to enter start up Dunedin, with no rhyme or reason I thought about an idea that I have had, and I entered it. At first, it was rejected.

This was great, I was not deterred and started evolving my idea, it was all based around my previous experience of event marketing I was solving the trouble around creating event maps.

I entered the Audacious challenger again, with a more clean cut and developed idea – an unknown success, a financial boost prompted the final validation required – MAPSIT has just been completed and has begun the next stage, check it out – https://mapsit.co.nz

THE PONY DIARIES : A publication I developed for kids to keep track of their riding goals, unbeknown to myself at the beginning. These were a huge success and will be repeated. Being able to self publish, design and market has been an absolutely amazing experience.